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"Every 15 Minutes" Program

This emotionally charged program entitled, "Every 15 Minutes," is an event designed to dramatically instill teenagers with the potentially dangerous consequences of drinking alcohol and texting while driving. We have extensive experience working with different Southern California schools and local law enforcement to create the most impactful experience possible. 

What do we at Local Boy Do?

All the pre-planning is included,  and we are available to attend all meetings. We can also be of help coordinating vendors, and will take care of  all audio / visual needs throughout the day. We will coordinate with speakers, staff, gathering files and creating a compelling keynote for a seamless Mock Funeral presentation. 

Day 1: The Crash
Students will hear the 911 call played through our loud speakers, putting in motion  the presentation. 
Wireless headsets are placed on the arresting office and fire captain allowing the students to hear the action. 
Microphones are available for announcements made by school staff members. 

Day 2: The Mock Funeral
Takes place in the school gym or large multi-purpose room. Local Boy can provide complete audio including: wireless microphones and loudspeakers. We will work with your school's IT department to determine how much sound you will need and if we can utilize any of your in-house setup. Projector and screens are also available if necessary for the school's presentation. 

Setup, Tear Down, Tax Travel and Fees Included.